Aerial Solutions

At ETM, we utilize advanced unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and aerial technologies to gather accurate, reliable data. This data is then refined into consistent, high-definition visual deliverables that our clients can use to determine commercial property lines, identify land features, and more.

From initial flight planning to final deliverables, our team manages the whole process.

Aerial Services

  • Aerial Lidar
  • Orthomosiac
  • Imagery
  • Videography
  • Land Surveying

Our Aerial Solutions Partners

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With more than 40 years of experience in the research, development and production of laser scanners, rangefinders, and distance-meters, RIEGL delivers proven innovations in 3D.

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Harris Aerial is a drone manufacturer specializing in custom drones, aerial photography drones, heavy lift drones, agricultural drones, UAS, UAV and multirotor drones.

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