Our Culture

Trusted Advisors, Creating Community

Our firm has assembled a remarkable team encompassing a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. Through collaborative efforts in a supportive environment, we consistently deliver excellence. We prioritize the growth and fulfillment of each team member, providing ample opportunities for professional and personal development.

A key factor in this is our engagement with high-caliber, 'Class-A' projects and esteemed clients. We approach our work with unwavering passion, recognizing the positive impact we have on the communities we serve.

What Our Employees Say

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The staff here at ETM is the lifeline, in fact the heartbeat of our company. And to keep that heartbeat strong we always look to hire for HEART.

Buckley Williams, EVP

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I chose a career at ETM because it allows me to grow personally and professionally with their values.

Jason Crews, Project Manager

The ETM Way

An organization would cease to function without a stable, concrete foundation. For ETM, our foundation is rooted by the following fundamentals:

Have a “Class A” Mentality.
Do the Right Thing, Always.
Deliver Concierge Service.
Care for our ETM Family.
Take Ownership.
Make Quality Personal.
Get Clear on Expectations.
Communicate Personally.
Do What’s Best for The Client.
Practice Blameless Problem-Solving.
Maintain The Gap.
Listen To Understand.
Work With an Entrepreneurial Spirit.
Take A Long Term View.
Create Healthy Habits.
Speak Straight.
Be Vigilant About Confidentiality.
Start With “Yes.”
Be Present.
Prioritize Appropriately.
Honor Commitments.
Pitch In.
Build Relationships.
Hone Your Craft.
Be a Fanatic About Response Time.
Have Vision.
Be A Servant Leader.
Create Community.
Keep Perspective.

& Inclusivity

At ETM, we are familiar with the positive impact a diverse and inclusive work environment has on our culture, quality of product, and growth. We bring everyone together and embrace our team’s individual cultures and experiences. In addition to offering Paid Holidays, ETM offers Flexible Holidays to accommodate the needs of our diverse team. As we are constantly expanding, learning, and evolving, we continue to encourage individuals of all backgrounds and from all walks of life to join our team.

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