Asset Management

For decades, ETM has been a trusted partner providing asset management services to a wide range of clients.

Our collaborative approach ensures that clients' assets are utilized optimally and efficiently. We provide a comprehensive suite of services, including interactive mapping portals, permitting assistance, strategy studies, road maintenance support, and land and real estate management. Leveraging our technical expertise, we enhance our clients' return on investment and help them achieve their overarching objectives with greater efficiency and tangible results.

ETM DeepVue Geospatial

DeepVUE is our customized platform for incorporating a wide array of analytics, visualization, technologies, and techniques.

Esri Gold Partner

Our team of experts utilize the Esri GIS software and applications for mapping and data analytics to deliver location intelligence for organizations of all sizes.


We’ll help you leverage the latest OpenGov software to manage your physical assets and associated operations.

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Our clients work with a lot of assets that they have to manage every day...What they find invaluable about ETM is that we can provide a platform by which they can do that.

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