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The real estate industry is a fast-moving, complex business that requires breadth and depth of knowledge, creativity, and certainty. We are built to handle the needs presented by this exhilarating environment. Our development consulting team offers many skill sets in the private real estate environment as we aid clients at every step of the process from concept to execution.

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Bringing multiple experts under one roof, led by a project manager who truly understands our clients' visions allows us to bring the best, most creative, and cost-effective solutions to our clients’ job.

Brad Weeber, EVP

How We Work


ETM’s owner representatives and construction managers play a vital role in the land development process, ensuring that the project progresses smoothly from start to finish. Our expertise enables land developers to deliver the final product and close deals with buyers and begin generating revenue.


When large development begins to move forward, there are inevitably offsite roads and utilities to analyze and improve. With in-house public sector groups, we have the team to handle your needs.

Site Engineering

Thoughtful design matters because details matter. The final execution of detailed construction drawings is critical as they serve as the plans from which the Contractor constructs the project. The planners visions come to fruition in the engineering documents on the land.

Traffic Modeling

Traffic planning is often the most contentious part of any large entitlement process. ETM’s expert traffic modeling team is highly efficient in performing the traffic modeling and entitlement support to defend the trips on the road.

Land Mangement

Thoughtful land management creates tremendous value during final permitting and development. Everything from what direction the pine tree beds are planted to the details of trail roads add value towards maintaining the land for an optimized development output.


When it comes to creating assets that stand the test of time, a visionary perspective is indispensable. Our team of land planners, landscape architects, and regulatory planners possesses the expertise to not only conceive these visionary concepts but also translate them into actionable plans.

Land Dev

There are many variables to the ongoing value creation of any large land portfolio. ETM works with many landowners who each control tens of thousands of acres. We work together tirelessly to add value and ultimately monetize the land.

District Engineer

Special Districts are a key driver of large land developments, as governmental entities have a tremendous amount of value in creating incredible amenity-rich communities. With experience serving as the District Engineer for over 40 special districts, ETM is pepared to guide any client through a development with a District in place.


When it is time to move from planner level sketches to engineering detail, information from the field is often the longest critical path item in the schedule. ETM’s in-house survey team give us the breadth and depth to move quickly on large land portfolios.


Managing information in real time on a large land portfolio can be challenging. ETM’s GIS teama provides our clients with access to a comprehensive and interactive solution that connects people, processes, and products to enhance data-driven problem-solving.

Trusted Advisors

Jason Crews Quote

While on the development side as a client of ETM, I experienced how they think about the overall project. They explore how to create more value with the land rather than just produce a set of plans...When I was hiring engineers, I always compared whoever I was hiring to ETM. The bar is set so high with how they manage their client interaction and quality of staff - I wanted to emulate that.

Jason Crews, Project Manager (formerly with development firm)

Creating Community

Lindsay Haga Quote

Regulatory planning is a critical component of every real estate deal and ETM is here to guide you...Land use planning promotes desirable outcomes in social and environmental arenas, and promotes the efficient use of resources and infrastructure. We do this every day here at ETM and you contribute to it when you drive to work, choose where to send your children to school, and decide where to vacation.

Lindsay Haga, AICP, Planning manager

Meet Our Development Consulting Experts

Impact Fees

Impact fees are critical to your portfolio and proforma. As a Trusted Advisor in delivering smart infrastructure solutions, we have compiled the following impact fees from a sampling of North and Central Florida agencies to provide a clear understanding of what may affect your development.

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