East Nassau Community Planning Area

Client: Rayonier

Rayonier’s vision is to create industry-leading returns for their investors through sustainable management of their 2.7 million-acres of forests primarily used for pulpwood and sawtimber. To monetize a portion of their land, Rayonier is developing 24,000-acres now known as the East Nassau Community Planning Area (ENCPA) with their Real Estate development team Raydient. This project will provide a mix of uses that will balance economic development, housing choices, and the protection of natural resources.  

Our team is partnering with Raydient to assist them with management of the ENCPA by providing them with several integrated services – geospatial technology services, development consulting, planning and entitlement services, and engineering. Our service as the East Nassau Stewardship District Engineer provides additional support to achieve the vision of a successful and thriving community.

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