Town Center Region

Client: Various

Since 1984, ETM has worked for and represented the small group of individual owners controlling roughly 3,500 acres of the St. Johns Town Center region. This area has undergone monumental change over the last 40 years and our team has been strategically involved in every significant project.

St. Johns Town Center 1980 – 2021

Since 1998 until today, our team has had the sole responsibility for determining how to entitle, permit and design the St. Johns Town Center, and its surrounding lands.

The success of this regional redevelopment showcases our team’s expertise at preparing land, taking it to market, and ultimately dealing with multiple purchasers requiring tight coordination. To maximize sales opportunities, the land was planned and permitted with flexibility to allow a response to market demand for all asset classes including residential, multi-family, office, industrial, commercial, and institutional.

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