Small Diameter Pipe Replacement Program

Client: JEA

ETM is managing JEA’s program to replace over 200 miles of failing galvanized pipe in over 36 neighborhoods in Jacksonville. The need for the program is driven by a continued increase in water breaks and leaks that occur as a result of galvanized pipe that has reached the end of its useful life. The program will result in improved water pressure and increased fire protection which is currently lacking in many neighborhoods.

ETM’s scope of work for the first 70 miles of pipe includes project area scope definition, survey, Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE), design, contracting methodology, bidding support, and CEI services. The program includes collaboration with other agencies, existing continuing services contracts, and other JEA watermain and Septic Tank Phase Out projects.

Details of our team’s SUE scope of services and expertise provided to successfully accomplish this project are provided below.

  • Review Utility GIS data and main break data to determine possible locations of galvanized water mains.
  • Verify individual locations with VVHs and record water mains attributes.
  • Review attributes and main break data to determine possible water main replacement scope and ranking (Send to Engineer for final scope and prioritization).
  • Designate all other utilities in the defined water main replacement area and sketch the utility and survey locations.
  • Propose new utility path with the least conflicts.
  • Identify and VVH all possible conflicts and connection points for the new utility design.
  • Designated and sketched more than 10-miles of roadway with an average of four utilities, completed 470 VVH Reports.
  • Defined 34-miles of galvanized water mains needing to be replaced.
  • Working within City of Jacksonville and four Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) right-of-ways.
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