Bus Rapid Transit – Downtown and East Corridors

Client: Jacksonville Transportation Authority

Our firm was initially contracted by the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) to provide CEI services on the Phase 1 Downtown project. This contract was the inaugural project of a planned 55-mile Bus Rapid Transit system that represents an important investment in Jacksonville’s public transportation system by developing a premium service, building ridership, and ultimately growing to support light rail.

To operate both mixed-use and dedicated bus lanes during peak hours, this federally funded 5.87-mile project resurfaced and widened select downtown roadways: Kings Avenue, Museum Circle, Bay Street, Forsyth Street, Broad Street and Jefferson Street. Additional construction elements included drainage improvements, construction of 12 enhanced stations with amenities, historic lighting, and landscaping.

Following on the success of the Downtown Bus Rapid Transit, JTA awarded ETM the Bus Rapid Transit East Corridor — adding 21 new and refurbished JTA bus station locations within JTA’s East ridership sector. Branded as JTA’s First Coast Flyer, upgraded Bus Pull-off Bays were added along with new shelter amenities including real time travel and route information kiosks at each location from downtown to the beaches.

Currently, our team is providing CEI services for the installation of a communications system consisting of fiber optic cable and Transit Signal Priority (TSP) hardware. This system will prevent buses from stopping at signals, significantly decreasing the time it takes for riders to reach their destinations. Services included installing conduits, aerial fiber optic cable on existing poles, new signal controllers and/or controller cabinets that include TSP hardware, connecting fiber between signalized intersections, and providing connections to BRT East stations (including communication hardware from stations to signal cabinets) and ethernet switches.

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