Buckley Williams, CCCA

Buckley Williams

Mr. Williams is an Executive Vice President of CEI & Construction Administration Services with ETM. He has more than 28 years of experience, gained while managing complex, multidisciplinary inspection programs for local, state, federal, LAP-funded, and private-sector clients. After working with a national Design/Build leader, Mr. Williams joined ETM in 1993 and has built a practice of diversified construction management and large-scale inspection services, with direct involvement in strategic partnerships, inspection assignments, and the requisite corporate authority to direct resources to proactively meet project needs and respond to client requests.

Mr. Williams also manages multiple CEI teams for several FDOT District Offices encompassing various FDOT and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Roadway, Bridge, and ITS projects. His experience includes service to public and private sector clients with scope elements including but not limited to: multiple repeat selection continuing services contracts, interstate, limited access, regional, collector and local asphalt and concrete roadway construction, heavy bridge construction, earthwork operations, ITS, signalization, large diameter utility water/wastewater pipeline and plant improvements, solid waste landfill facilities, and environmental remediation.

As a Certified Construction Contract Administrator (CCCA), he possesses the required knowledge and seasoned ability to administer complex construction contract conditions. He has an extensive understanding of contractual relationships, construction observation procedures, interpretation of contract documents, bidding strategies, construction phase submittals requirements, meeting procedures and presentations, negotiating contract modifications, measurement and payment procedures, and project closeout documents. Mr. Williams provides a concierge-level of Owners Representation and extension of staff services and is comfortable implementing complex work schemes across an enterprise of key stakeholders.