Optimizing Operations: Transforming Asset Management with Geospatial Technologies

Whether it’s a municipality ensuring well-maintained infrastructure or a Public Works Director managing their technical resources, effective asset management stands as a key to success. At the forefront of this transformative process is the integration of geospatial technologies, bringing forth a new era of efficiency and accuracy. In this article, Sarah Grimsley, Client Solutions Manager with ETM’s Geospatial Technologies team, discusses how GIS elevates asset management processes for public organizations. 

The Essence of Asset Management & Geospatial Technology 

At its core, asset management revolves around how organizations handle their assets – from tangible infrastructure to intangible technical resources. Due to geospatial technology advancements, there has been a paradigm shift in asset management. These technologies offer unparalleled efficiency and accuracy by visualizing assets in their geographical context. Real-time tracking of infrastructure, predictive maintenance, and comprehensive map-based views of assets empower decision-makers to optimize resource allocation and respond swiftly to challenges.  

Future Trends and Innovations 

From AI and machine learning to augmented reality, the future of asset management is poised for further innovation. Below are just a few developments and possibilities that not only improve capabilities, by maximize sustainability: 

  • IoT & Sensors: The integration of IoT and sensors for real-time data will supercharge predictive maintenance. 
  • AI & Machine Learning: Smarter data analysis with AI and machine learning is leading to more efficient decision-making. 
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs): UASs are playing a significant role in reaching challenging areas for improvement in asset inspection. 
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality: Augmented and virtual reality offers the potential of interactive experiences for training and maintenance.  
  • Cloud-based Systems: More flexible and collaborative asset management is being developed through cloud-based systems. 

Strategic Partnerships for Enhanced Asset Management Capabilities 

At ETM, our commitment to excellence is further evidenced by our strategic partnerships with GIS leaders, like Esri and OpenGov. As an Esri gold partner, we leverage their geospatial technology for detailed mapping and analytics crucial for effective asset management. Our collaboration with OpenGov brings a unique synergy, combining asset management technology with GIS capabilities to deliver a comprehensive solution.  

Our dual partnership with Esri and OpenGov enables us to provide clients with advanced tools for visualization, analysis, predictive maintenance, and decision-making, fostering an efficient and transparent asset management process. 

Success Story: the City of Jacksonville

The City of Jacksonville exemplifies the transformative impact of geospatial technologies in asset management. In collaboration with our Trusted Advisors, the City of Jacksonville efficiently tracked 750,000 assets, including stormwater and public works assets, managing to inventory an additional 200,000 assets in just four months.  

Get Started on Your Transformative Asset Management Journey 

Although seemingly a large undertaking, implementing geospatial technologies for asset management is a manageable journey. Organizations can start by assessing their needs, initiating small projects, and gradually expanding. Selection of technology providers, training teams, and adapting approaches based on collected data are crucial steps. For larger organizations, integrating these technologies with existing systems ensures a smooth operation. It’s about taking informed, incremental steps towards a more efficient and community-focused asset management system. 

Through strategic partnerships, cutting-edge solutions, and decades of geospatial technology expertise, ETM will guide any organization through the journey of transforming its asset management process. To get started or to learn more, contact us through the form at the end of this article.

Sarah GrimsleyAbout Sarah Grimsley

Sarah Grimsley, ETM’s Geospatial Technologies Client Solutions Manager, has been pivotal in advancing GIS and asset management solutions, serving a diverse clientele across the United States. In her role, she blends analytical prowess with a consultative approach, delivering custom GIS strategies for public and private sectors alike. Her work spans from evaluating infrastructure and environment for suitability projects to automating processes and guiding capital improvement initiatives, consistently focusing on practical, impactful applications of geospatial technology.

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