ETM Survey Earns FDOT 8.3 Photogrammetric Mapping Prequalification 

ETM Surveying & Mapping, Inc. has recently earned the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) 8.3 Photogrammetric Mapping prequalification. By successfully meeting their stringent criteria, ETM Survey has demonstrated their proficiency in delivering accurate and reliable remote sensing solutions that align with the FDOT‘s high standards. 

Remote sensing is a technique that utilizes multiple types of aerial vehicles including UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and an array of payload options to gather imagery and/or lidar data that creates detailed measurements of the Earth’s surface. This technique offers a range of benefits that enhance efficiency, accuracy, and the overall quality of the surveying processes. Some of the key advantages of using remote sensing in infrastructure and development projects include: 

  • Efficiency and Speed: Remote sensing enables rapid data collection over large areas. Aerial imagery can cover expansive landscapes in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional ground-based methods. This speed is especially valuable for projects requiring quick turnaround times. 
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Aerial surveys are often more cost-effective than traditional surveying methods. By reducing fieldwork and personnel requirements, photogrammetry can lead to significant cost savings, especially for large-scale projects. 
  • Comprehensive Data: Remote sensing produces detailed and comprehensive datasets. High-resolution imagery and lidar captures not only terrain and ground features but also structures, vegetation, and other relevant elements. This richness of information aids in making informed decisions during project planning and execution. 
  • Visualization and Communication: Remote sensing produces visually compelling outputs like colorized point clouds, orthomosiac, and 3D models. These outputs are easier to understand and communicate to stakeholders, making it simpler to convey complex information and design concepts. 
  • Data Integration: Remote sensing data can be integrated with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), such as ETM’s Esri-based, web-based mapping system, and other software for further analysis and decision-making. This integration enables surveyors to combine remote sensing information with existing datasets, enhancing the overall accuracy and completeness of the project.  

With our FDOT 8.3 Photogrammetric Mapping prequalification, ETM Survey is even better equipped to collaborate with government agencies, partner firms, and other stakeholders on projects that demand precise geospatial data. In addition to 8.3, ETM Survey is also qualified in 8.1 (Control Surveying), 8.2 (Design, Right of Way & Construction Surveying), and 8.4 (Right of Way Mapping).  

About ETM Surveying & Mapping, Inc.  

Founded in 1924, ETM Survey is a professional land surveying and mapping service provider for both public and private sector clients. An affiliate of ETM, ETM Survey delivers historical experience, progressive technology, and technical expertise to projects of any size and scale. ETM Survey’s professional land surveying personnel provide clients with extensive historical survey knowledge and resources coupled with expansive technical expertise and understanding 

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