Districtwide Community Traffic Safety Program

Client: Florida Department of Transportation District 5

To date, ETM has worked on 46 Task Work Orders issued under this contract. Tasks have included pedestrian safety studies, road departure safety studies, access management studies, pedestrian-crossing studies, intersection lighting retrofits, corridor/intersection safety studies, conceptual roundabout design/screening process, lane-use/intersection-configuration studies, fatal crash reviews, signal warrant analyses, and traffic signal design.

Highlighted task work orders:

  • SR 15A Intersection Safety Study
  • CR 42 Lane Departure Study
  • SR 19 Safety Study
  • Simpson Road/Fortune Road Intersection Study
  • Lakeshore Boulevard Intersection Study
  • SR 527 Safety Study Roundabout and Lane Diet
  • US 41 RRFB Safety Study
  • US 441 Orange County Safety Study
  • Osceola Roundabouts Safety Study
  • US 441 ICE Stage 1 & 2
  • SR 3 Safety Study
  • CR 48 Corridor Study
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