Cecil Commerce Center

Client: City of Jacksonville - Office of Economic Development

ETM was selected in 2006 by the City of Jacksonville Office of Economic Development (OED) to provide civil engineering and land planning services for Cecil Commerce Center which was conveyed to the City of Jacksonville as part of the closure of NAS Cecil Field.

Since that time, OED and ETM have worked to promote the 3,500-acre site for manufacturing and distribution industries, as well as support retail and office space. At build out, Cecil Commerce Center is expected to provide as much as 30 million-square-feet of manufacturing and warehouse distribution space. While there are many details of bringing the land to market, we remain focused on the main goal, helping OED maximizing the monetization of the asset and drive economic development for each parcel. 

To accomplish this, ETM continues to direct the master planning effort and provide land planning, site/civil engineering, regulatory permitting coordination, traffic analysis, land surveying, development guidelines, stormwater modeling, city/state agency coordination, geotechnical and groundwater explorations, and wetland analysis services. Our focus remains on understanding and representing the client, their land, responding to the outside demand for land, and competing with other region and national deals.

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