Brooklyn Neighborhood Redevelopment

Client: Various

Between 1950 and 2010, Jacksonville’s Brooklyn neighborhood saw a rapid population decline. Census records in 2010 reported that only 60 people lived in the 16-block area that had been home to over 6,000 in the 50’s. The decline left much of the land untended, the public infrastructure in decay, and rows of condemned homes.

Today, Jacksonville’s historic Brooklyn neighborhood is a vibrant mixed-use community with a combined 600 new apartments, 76,000-square-foot of retail space, and a public/private park.

Once complete, the neighborhood’s redevelopment will represent more than a decade of cooperative planning between the City of Jacksonville, utility providers, and three separate developers.

ETM has remained the sole civil engineer contracted for all stages of this $20 Million redevelopment program, providing professional engineering services including:

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