Beverly Hills East Septic Tank Phase-Out

Client: JEA

ETM manages JEA’s project to provide central sewer service and upgraded water service to over 260 parcels in the Beverly Hills East neighborhood. The project will also provide the greater Jacksonville community with a cleaner and healthier St. Johns River through the removal of detrimental surface water nutrients in accordance with the City’s Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP) and Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) goals. ETM’s scope of work includes two separate projects:

  1. A common 12” force main (that included over 1,300-linear-feet of horizontal directional drilling under two major FDOT roadways) for the Beverly Hills West and East projects soon to be under construction and the future Christobel Septic Tank Phase Out project
  2. Central gravity sewer service including a pump station to serve all parcels in the project area as well as an upgraded water system to the existing 2” galvanized pipe system that will provide fire protection

The scope includes route definition, survey, design, geotechnical investigation, Maintenance of Traffic plan and details, permitting, cost estimates, technical specifications, bidding support, and CEI services for both the proposed sewer line as well as the water line replacement. The project includes collaboration with FDOT, COJ, JEA Galvanized Pipe Program, the adjacent Beverly Hills West Septic Tank Phase Out project, and the future Christobel Septic Tank Phase Out project.

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