Trail Ridge Landfill Construction

Waste Management / City of Jacksonville

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ETM in concert with Waste Management chose the site for the Trail Ridge Landfill within the City of Jacksonville, Florida.

ETM diligently searched the City of Jacksonville for a site with naturally sloping topography or contours, finding a site with over 25’ of fall from west to east, to facilitate leachate collection and cell construction while minimizing earthwork costs. Subsequent to choosing the site for the landfill, ETM designed and permitted with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) the 150+ acre landfill footprint including a 7 layer double-liner system containing over 45 million sf of geotextiles, 7 leachate collection stations with primary and secondary sumps and a 6 tank 120,000 gallon leachate storage system as well as the storm-water management system with a 20 station wetland irrigation header system. The site has approximately 108 functioning gas wells capturing enough methane to produce 194,000 KWH of electricity daily, enough power to supply electricity to approximately 3,000 homes.  

This liner expansion included preparation of construction plans and specifications, as well as construction administration and monitoring services for 3 separate phases of landfill liner and leachate collection system, 5 phases of incremental closure construction, and construction of the gas management system.  In addition to the initial permitting of the landfill facility, ETM prepared and obtained, on behalf of Waste Management and the City of Jacksonville, 3 FDEP solid waste permit renewals for the facility.