State Road 21

FDOT District 2

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SR-21 Blanding Boulevard from Kingsley Avenue to the Duval County Line is by far the most heavily traveled urban corridor in Northeast Florida.  The project consisted of milling and resurfacing (with zero straightedge deficiencies), turn lane construction and the installation of 27 mast arm foundations for new signalization upgrades.  As there was limited Right of Way, 23 of the 27 proposed foundations were designed within the boundaries of the existing sidewalks, ADA requirements had to be maintained, thus any relocation of a proposed foundation was limited and drilled shaft placement had to be precise.  

The proposed work was inundated with existing utilities surrounding and in conflict with all of the proposed foundation locations.  Over half of the 27 drilled shaft foundation locations were paralleled by Clay County Utility Authority’s (CCUA) age sensitive (i.e. “brittle/hazardous”) concrete asbestos 12” to 20” water main.  With no redundancy in the system, keeping this 40 year old water main in service was absolutely critical, as it was the single feed to the Orange Park Regional Hospital, regional mall, businesses and local residences.

ETM was instrumental in encouraging the use of precautionary measures such as a nine-foot long temporary steel casing  and the use of a vacuum truck to perform the drilled shaft excavations to a depth that cleared the brittle water main (with minimal drilling vibrations) at which time normal auger drilling was resumed.

Coordination and partnering with local utility companies played a key role in bringing this project to a successful completion. ETM received recognition by Florida Transportation Builders Association, Inc. as a Statewide Award winner for Best in Construction for Utility Coordination/Damage Prevention.