Septic Tank Phase Out Program

City of Jacksonville – Jacksonville Stormwater Utility

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The Septic Tank Phase Out Program is a component of the City of Jacksonville’s efforts to meet the FDEP required Lower St. Johns River Main Stem Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) and Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP) obligations. Currently, there are over 65,000 septic tanks in Duval County

ETM, as the Program Manager for the Jacksonville Stormwater Utility, supports the City through review of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) ArcNLET Septic Tank Model results:

  • Reviewed Total Nitrogen Reduction from the Removal of Septic Tanks in close proximity to waterbodies
  • Supported Model Sensitivity Analysis to optimize Nutrient Reduction opportunities
  • Identify Calculation Concerns in Non-Optimal Denitrification Environments and assist in communications with FDEP 

ETM utilized Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to develop the program technical standards:

  • Evaluate Septic Tank Phase Out Prioritization Factors
  • Analyze existing sanitary sewer infrastructure
  • Developed a internet based Project Management tool for the collection of data and parcel activity status
  • Developed a Lateral Only Connection (LOC) program to connect parcels where existing sewer infrastructure coincides with nutrient reduction goal objectives
  • Coordinate inter-agency activities between the City and JEA for septic tank abandonment implementation
  • Develop Potential Project Areas for sewer infrastructure expansion
  • Methodology to Prioritize Project Areas 

ETM maximizes funding effectiveness through pragmatic project planning by consideration of additional community improvement factors such as:

Neighborhood Drainage Improvements:

  • Innovative nutrient reduction  value concepts to maximize existing practices
  • Identify BMP’s used elsewhere to improve the stormwater system operating parameters and maximize nutrient reduction credits

Grant Project Funding opportunities:

  • Reuse Infrastructure

Stormwater Master Plan Projects

Low Impact Design Implementation