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Future Development

Ongoing and future development within Nocatee includes the Twenty-Mile, Towncenter and Lakeside communities.

Since the very beginning of the planning process in 1998, ETM has worked closely with The PARC Group, the master developer for the property, and the Tolomato Community Development District to provide a wide-range of professional engineering and CEI services for infrastructure projects that have a combined construction cost in excess of $185 Million.

Roadway Construction and Improvements

Development plans for Nocatee have included over 20 residential communities, a community park, town center, 4 million square feet of office space, and it continues to grow. To support this population surge, new roads, interchanges and bridges needed to be designed and built, and old roadways relocated or improved.


ETM provided engineering services ranging from designing to CEI to create the transportation infrastructure. Below are only a few of the major road construction and improvement projects completed with the involvement of ETM.


Nocatee Parkway

Nocatee Parkway is a 7 Mile, 4 Lane limited access facility that runs from Philips Highway (US 1) through Nocatee and out to the beaches. The $150 Million new highway was designed to provide the community with easy access to Philips Highway as well providing as a convenient way to get from one side of Nocatee to the other. Nocatee Parkway is also a welcome addition and improvement to the hurricane evacuation plan for the beaches - providing many coastal communities with a fast and efficient emergency route.

Crosswater Parkway

Crosswater Parkway is a 2.4 mile, 4 lane divided collector highway. This project also included the design and construction of the Crosswater Parkway roundabout that was constructed midway along Crosswater Parkway. ETM was responsible for the overall engineering and CEI management that included full contract administration, public relations liaison, coordination with utility providers and St. Johns County Development Services Department. Contract administration also included roadway, drainage and signalization inspections and materials testing overview.  

Single Point Urban Interchange

An integral component to the functioning of both Nocatee and Crosswater Parkway is an interchange that connects them. Along with designing the interchange itself and the drainage, utilities, bridges, lighting and landscape that go with it, ETM coordinated the Single Point Urban Interchange design with St. John’s County, FDOT, utility companies, and adjacent landowners. ETM also permitted the project with the St. Johns River Water Management District and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.

Master Stormwater Engineering 

The 23.4 square miles of property that is now home to Nocatee was an undeveloped, under-studied land mass. Before any work could be done toward developing the property, a detailed study of the floodplain needed to be performed - the first of its kind for this sector of St. Johns County.


Once the study was completed, a second priority was to develop a project-wide master drainage plan that would consider all future developments of the property. For this portion of the project, ETM provided the master plan for reuse water distribution and stormwater management.

CEI for Bridge Construction

The construction of two new highways and other road projects meant the construction of several bridges including two separate concrete crossroad bridges and two separate steel bridges.

The concrete bridges are medium profile 75’ single span Type III AASHTO Girder Structures on a super elevated curve that included spiral MSE walls. The steel bridges are high-profile, 275’ single span Steel I-beam Girder structures utilizing cross frame connection plates, bearing and jacking stiffeners. All four structure foundations consisted of pre-stressed concrete piles. ETM’s services included monitoring and documentation of complex traffic schemes including roadway detours, permanent roadway construction elements, testing of materials and weekly maintaining of all off-site stormwater discharges to ensure permit compliance.

Retail Infrastructure for Nocatee Town Center

One of the largest benefits of living in a master planned community is the convenience of having everything close by. The Nocatee Town Center is a 22+ acre retail development with plans for over 750,000 square feet of retail space that will include a full range of shopping, goods, offices and services. ETM contracted with Regency Centers for the master infrastructure and planning of the entire center. Additional services included civil engineering, landscape design, permitting and CEI services for the project. Responsibilities also included design of a master JEA sewer pumping station, master Town Center infrastructure design and coordination with JEA reimbursement funding. This project involved intensive coordination with the center’s architect, owner and other consultants.  

*photo credit: Nocatee, Florida

Creating a Community Centerpiece

The Nocatee Community Park is a centerpiece of the development, as well as the epicenter for community interaction. The 75-acre, eco-friendly Park includes lakes, nature trails, jogging paths, sports fields and a dog park. The Nocatee Splash Water Park, a resort-like park complete with water slides, a lazy river, and swimming pools is located in close proximity to the park.  ETM was contracted to design the landscape architecture for the park, as well as civil engineering and project management services.

*photo credit: Nocatee, Florida

*photo credit: Nocatee, Florida

Designing the Greenway Trails

One of the most important aspects of developing Nocatee was the preservation of the natural beauty of the land. The Nocatee Greenway was created to preserve over 5,000 acres of environmentally sensitive areas. These lands are all interconnected to each other, providing migratory routes for the wildlife living in Nocatee.  The Greenway Trails are four miles of trails designed to provide connections through the Greenway between communities, parks, and commercial districts. At 16’ wide in most areas, the trails are large enough for golf carts and other low speed vehicles. ETM was responsible for the design, signage, and permitting for the trails, as well as Construction Engineering & Inspection services.

*photo credit: Nocatee, Florida

Future Development

Ongoing and future development within Nocatee includes the Twenty-Mile, Towncenter and Lakeside communities.