Dames Point Marine Terminal Traffic Access Study

Jacksonville Transportation Authority

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ETM provided engineering analyses of existing and projected traffic conditions in the vicinity of the Dames Point Marine Terminal and recommended improvements to the surrounding roadway network. This allowed ETM to address the anticipated traffic impacts generated by expected growth at the JAXPORT facilities. This growth will significantly increase traffic volumes in the area (especially semi-truck traffic). As a result of this development, the Jacksonville Transportation Authority tasked ETM with determining potential traffic flow improvements.

ETM examined the projected 2030 traffic demand and identified roadway segments and intersections where travel times, delays, and congestion are expected to significantly increase over time. Considerable reconstruction efforts will be required over the next several years to address the planned JAXPORT expansion and anticipated economic growth impacts associated with this expansion.

This study was used to both identify and prioritize needed roadway improvements, as well as enhance interagency cooperation on finding and funding solutions.