ETM's Internship Program

As the summer winds down, we bid farewell to our 2017 summer interns. The internship program at ETM has been a fundamental part of our business strategy for nearly 15 years. We recognize the overall value of hiring highly educated students to temporarily fill our staffing needs. But the value extends far beyond the obvious and is evidenced not only in our firm but with our employees and the interns themselves.

 "In my view, our internship program has a threefold benefit: 1) It is one of the few opportunities a company has to see the work, passion, and character of an employee before we hire them. 2) They will get a unique experience regardless of where they find employment. 3)  Investing in young people is always a good opportunity.  They will be future leaders and we count it a privilege to be a part of their growth."
-Shawn Barnett, Chief Administrative Officer

Through the eyes of our high school and college interns, the internship program provides them with on-the-job experiences in their field that they won’t get in the classroom. The opportunity to immerse themselves in the day-to-day tasks and routines of a ‘live’ civil engineering firm, confirms the knowledge they gained from textbooks and lectures. The ability to apply that knowledge to real-world settings and gain hands-on experience, replaces their perceived ideas about what their post-graduate job role will likely be like with a clarity that extends beyond the basic job description. Exposure to a firm full of engineers with roles and titles from entry-level to CEO, reveals an important insight into the depth of the field and the opportunities in their future.

 "My internship with ETM exposed me to a vast amount of knowledge relevant to my school studies. Being able to go out into the field and see things first hand gives a real-life perspective you cannot get elsewhere."
-Kalin, CEI Intern

 "I have greatly enjoyed my internship with ETM. I feel incredibly thankful that I was given the opportunity to interact with such kind people while working on projects that will positively impact the lives of the public. This was my first time being exposed to civil engineering as a profession and it has undoubtedly fueled my passion which I can now carry with me through the next school year."
-Shannon, Transportation Intern

"My experience here at ETM has been nothing but fantastic, the company and its employees are always welcoming and always willing to take time to teach.  This environment has enhanced my goals for the future by giving me the opportunity to learn and gain experience for a career that lies ahead of me."
-Alex, Land Development Intern

And in today’s market, a degree does not guarantee a job. It is often difficult for college students with little experience to compete with candidates whose resumes reflect bonified job-related experience. In addition to that bonified experience, our internship program provides students with good references, competitive compensation, networking opportunities, flexible work schedules and exposure.

 "I can honestly say the experience I have had interning at ETM has far exceeded my expectations. I have been flooded with knowledge by those around me and always felt a part of the firm since the minute I got here. I know I will be able to take with me the things I have learned here and apply them when I return to school and when I enter the work force. The experiences I have had while working here will be very beneficial for me as I continue on with my education and career."
-Michael, Land Development Intern

 "Throughout my short time at ETM I have learned a lot about the technicalities of becoming a great engineer. More importantly, I have learned that what makes a company great is giving your clients your best work possible and your utmost respect. This is something I will apply to the rest of my career."
-Manuel, Land Development Intern

To our employees, the internship program reiterates the importance of strong leadership. Many of our employees look forward to mentoring college students. Our internship program provides ample opportunity for our current employees to connect with college students, meet with them, speak with them, and ultimately – mentor them. It has been proven that mentorship often motivates people to act as stronger leaders and builds strong morale – two attributes fundamental to our company’s culture.

 "It’s really amazing how these kids pick up information and processes. Their excitement to learn is really contagious."
-K. T. Peter Ma, P.E. , Executive Vice President, ETM

To our company, we understand that the investment of proper time, training, and tools not only ensures the success of our interns but fosters long-term success for our company. In answer to the most immediate need, interns provide an extra set of hands that can often help accomplish goals or finish projects. Bringing in students outside of our company to meet those needs also offers us a fresh perspective on our business, strategies, plans and social media platforms. This generation of college students is tech-savvy and we welcome their ideas for incorporating social media into our marketing efforts and culture and ultimately this focus makes us more attractive to younger hires.

 "Interns are fully-immersed from day one to get a great hands-on experience of not only the engineering field, but also business as a whole."
-John Zachary Brecht, P.E., Project Manager, ETM

Most importantly, interns provide us with a huge benefit in meeting our future hiring needs. When we bring in interns, we observe their abilities and aptitudes without commitment. If they turn out to be motivated superstars, they often have the chance to accept full-time employment. When that happens, the intern understands what they are committing to since they are now familiar with our business, company and the work involved. This ultimately means higher retention rates.

We are proud of our internship program. Investing in the future of young people is always a good opportunity. Regardless of where they find employment, they will be future leaders and we consider it a privilege to be a part of their growth.

ETM’s retention rate is 98% and currently 7 of our full-time employees began their careers at ETM as interns.

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