ETM’s Livia Lima Awarded ANOVA Grant

Congratulations to ETM’s Livia Lima who was recently awarded the ANOVA Grant to help fund her Landscape Architect Registration Examination.  

One of 20 winners, Livia was selected by a panel made up of licensed landscape architects. Winning essays were selected based on Technical Presentation (30%) and Content (70%).  

Candidates were required to explain how they would increase public awareness of the Landscape Architecture profession, highlighting the value of outdoor spaces in light of COVID-19. Additionally, winning candidates had to explain how they would use their licensure to address climate change issues and social equity of community spaces in a more effective way. In her winning essay response, Livia explained how she would take advantage of social media campaigns to help widen the conversation, encourage democratic expression, and ensure equity, which is the basis of co-design.  

Anova believes in the power of landscape architecture to help solve some of the most significant challenges facing our society, such as stabilizing our climate and increasing mutual understanding across diverse members of society. With support from the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards (CLARB), Anova created this grant program to help individuals achieve the legal recognition of becoming a licensed landscape architect. Anova believes in giving back by supporting the licensure of landscape architects, they are helping to advance the profession. Licensure holds landscape architects to the high standards established to be leaders in the professional design community. 

We are excited to see what the future holds for Livia as she helps advance the profession! 


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