ETM Employee Spotlight | Daniel Welch

The Northeast Florida Builders Association (NEFBA) recently announced that ETM’s Daniel Welch was chosen as one of its 2021 Emerging Leaders. NEFBA’s Emerging Leaders Program, geared towards professionals with less than 10 years of experience in their current field, is designed to provide personal and professional development opportunities to rising young leaders in the building and land development industries.  

Participants will gain insight into the building and development industry from leaders in the field while networking with those same leaders. That aspect is particularly valuable to Welch, who is relatively new to Jacksonville. "I have to work hard to foster relationships,” says Welch who considers this a pivotal year in his career. “COVID has made it difficult to meet people, grow relationships, and actively engage in the community.”   

Other 2021 professionals in the NEFBA Emerging Leaders Program are a mix of young key industry leaders made up of contractors, developers, and home builders.  Once participants complete the program, they will join other alumni who will take on leadership roles within the organization and serve as mentors to future classes of emerging leaders.  

Serving as a mentor is not new to Welch who has mentored several students through ETM’s Accelerator Program. He focuses on creating meaningful experiences for his mentees by ensuring they have plenty of exposure to all ETM departments and services. Said Welch, “People often forget that it is important to understand the WHY. Especially when you are new to the field.” 

Welch joined ETM in 2015 after graduating from the University of North Florida School of Engineering.  Originally from Buffalo, New York, Welch frequently visits his family and gets his cold weather fix. But he prefers Florida’s climate and enjoys boating, kayaking, running, and the beach though free time is not something he is too familiar with these days. When not busy at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and five-month-old twins.  

At the core of ETM’s culture is the belief that we want the person sitting next to us to become successful and maximize their potential. It is our responsibility to invest in future leaders of our community.  

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