ETM Interns 2016 (7).JPG Aug 4, 2017

ETM's Internship Program

As the summer winds down, we bid farewell to our 2017 summer interns. The internship program at ETM has been a fundamental part of our business strategy for nearly 15 years. We recognize the overall value of hiring highly educated students to tempora…

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Independence Day Celebration Jul 4, 2017

Independence Day Celebration

This year marks ETM’s 40th anniversary. Milestone anniversaries offer the chance for celebration and reflection. And celebration naturally brings people together. In May, we were fortunate to gather our employees together along with the company’s ori…

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ETM-RMA Company Meeting (5).jpg Jun 1, 2017

Celebrating ETM's 40 Year Anniversary

Anniversaries don’t have inherent value. The age of a company really says more about what the company does best -- the ingredients in the secret sauce -- than it says about the firm’s longevity. But milestone anniversaries do offer the chance for c…

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Public works magnate.jpg May 22, 2017

National Public Works Week 2017

The American Public Works Association has sponsored National Public Works Week since 1960. The focus of this week is to energize and educate the public on the importance of Public Works agencies and professionals. Public infrastructure makes up the b…

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