2018 ETM/RMA Annual Meeting

On May 31, the ETM and RMA leadership team gathered employees together at the 2018 ETM/RMA Annual Meeting to show their gratitude and appreciation for another year of hard work and dedication.

The meeting unfolded with a welcoming ovation directed towards the 23 new employees hired during 2017-2018. A warm welcome was also extended to the 2018 summer interns, followed by a heartfelt farewell to recent and upcoming retirees. And true to tradition, promotions were announced, and milestone anniversaries were celebrated.

New to this year’s agenda was an announcement about the rollout of a new company initiative. ETM/RMA has always been a generous supporter of many charitable events and organizations in our local community and is excited to expand their support by offering every employee up to 8 hours of paid volunteer time annually. This initiative will make it easier for employees to volunteer their time in the specific community events and organizations they choose.

But the main theme of this year’s meeting focused on the overall growth of the company. Now at the start of its 41st year, the company is well leveraged for future growth, specifically defined by three distinctive initiatives: Sustainability, Brand Protection and Personal Growth.

The personal growth of each employee has always been a part of the ETM/RMA culture but seen as a vital factor in the continuing success of our firm, this year it has been given a new focus. The leadership team discussed plans, already underway, to enhance the employee work environment that includes new collaborative work spaces, improved IT infrastructure, new training opportunities and a variety of different communication outlets. In addition, HR is currently working on the development of a more formal engineer training program.

Leadership also discussed future projections and initiatives of our primary markets including land development, transportation, CEI, program management and survey. Primary factors such as high consumer confidence, a thriving economy, and explosive population growth (particularly in the millennial demographic) point to a strong economic outlook for North/Central Florida. Infrastructure improvements will be vital to helping the areas manage growth and connect to different cities in the region.

The company’s first 40 years was a remarkable era. From the beginning of ETM and RMA’s success, through the depths of the great recession, and now to the highs of a reinvigorated economy, one thing remained unchanged – leadership continued to ask every day how to better serve our clients, offer them better value, serve them the way we would want to be served. And for 40 years, the question has always been met with a solution.

As we enter a new era and prepare for future growth, many things will change. But our focus on our clients will always remain the same. As evidenced by our past, our future growth depends on it.

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