Buckley K. Williams, CCCA

Executive Vice President, Construction Engineering and Inspection

Executive Vice President, Construction Engineering and Inspection

email: [email protected]
direct: (904) 265-3165

Mr. Williams’ area of expertise is Contract Administration, Construction Project Management and Documentation, and Construction, Engineering & Inspection (CEI) Services on complex transportation, utility and development projects.

Mr. Williams has been involved with Construction Administration Projects with ETM for 21 years and is currently Principal and Vice President of CEI & Construction Administration Services. Managing all ETM inspection personnel, Mr. Williams is responsible for the CEI professional service relationships with governmental authorities throughout Northeast and Central Florida. In addition to working with local governmental authorities and private sector clients, Mr. Williams manages multiple CEI teams on large Florida Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Roadway and Bridge projects.

Mr. Williams has experience in directing complex, multi-disciplinary inspection programs and is responsible for on-site contract administration and observation of civil engineering construction projects including, but not limited to: the relocation of existing utilities within congested right-of-ways, construction of large diameter watermain, forcemain and reuse main pipelines, sanitary sewer pump stations, large residential development (DRI) projects, solid waste landfill facilities, utility system improvements, heavy highway construction, and rehabilitation and infrastructure improvements.

Mr. Williams has experience in foreign technology implementation on area projects and was instrumental in the implementation, procurement, construction and geotechnical research of a soil improvement technique for bridging underlying unsuitable soils.  With Mr. Williams' key management initiatives, this technique was implemented, for the first time ever in the United States, on a Department of Transportation Project.