About ETM

Founded in 1977 as a two-man company, our leaders had a vision to raise the standard of service within the civil engineering industry and they moved toward that vision every day.

The ability to connect and create great communities begins with the ability to turn vision into reality.

Their commitment to higher standards, coupled with their ability to conceive technical solutions that others failed to see, allowed the company expand services to meet client needs. Partnering with numerous clients to create and shape Florida communities, ETM has evolved into a full service consulting firm, redefining what it means to be Trusted Advisors.

With 250 employees, ETM is large enough that we have ample and appropriately qualified personnel to address challenges, yet small enough that you will have direct access to our hands-on executive leadership. 

The experience and depth of our professional resources allows us to address challenges and provide solutions  And because we effectively manage resources and focus on innovative, fast track solutions, ETM has an excellent record of timely project delivery, due to our ability to eliminate delays and minimize costs.

ETM Team
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