National Mentorship Month | ETM Accelerator Graduate Discusses Her Experience

Mentorship is a powerful tool that can help to unlock potential in young professionals. It serves as a bridge between the knowledge of experienced professionals and the ambition of those who are just starting out. At ETM and ETM Survey, we are proud to offer hands-on student mentorship opportunities through our ETM Accelerator Program.

Lia Comparini, a graduate of the ETM Accelerator Program and now a full-time Surveyor in Training at our firm, recently shared her experience with the program and the benefits it brought forth in her professional career.

How long have you been employed at ETM Survey and what is your current role?

I’ve been working full-time with ETM Survey as a Surveyor in Training for 1.5 years. Prior to that, I interned with the company for 1.5 years.

How much of this time was spent in the ETM Accelerator Program?

I worked in the ETM Accelerator Program for a year.

How did you find out about the ETM Accelerator Program?

I first interned in the Jacksonville office during the summer of 2020 and was offered the opportunity to continue interning at the Accelerator Program while finishing my senior year at the University of Florida.

What part of the ETM Accelerator Program do you feel was the most beneficial?

I had direct access to mentors who helped me gain experience in real-life and school-relevant scenarios. My tasks while participating in the Accelerator Program were made to mirror my coursework and aid in my academic success. I was able to develop relationships with members of the team to more easily integrate once I joined as a full-time employee.

Now that you’ve graduated from the ETM Accelerator Program and are employed full-time at ETM Survey, can you tell us about the mentorship opportunities you have had in your new role?

Since becoming a full-time employee, I have been put in positions that continue to stretch my knowledge and skills while completing meaningful work. My mentor and the team continue to provide opportunities to confront challenging tasks and guidance to work towards resolutions.

What about these mentorship opportunities do you feel have been most beneficial?

I feel that my early career development has been accelerated through my mentorship and I feel more prepared to take on challenging work.

What would you like to tell someone who is interested in participating in the ETM Accelerator and Mentorship Programs?

I would highly recommend the ETM Accelerator Program because it develops professional skills and survey knowledge while complementing academic studies. It is a great resource to kickstart a career.

About the ETM Accelerator Program

The ETM Accelerator Program accelerates the education and career of students by immersing them in the day-to-day tasks and routines of a real civil engineering, planning, geospatial technologies, and surveying firm. Students gain hands-on experience while working directly with industry professionals on real-world projects.  

We are currently working with universities throughout Florida on co-op internships, summer internships, and part-time employment both in-office and remote. Our firm currently has corporate offices in Jacksonville, Orlando, Daytona Beach, and even has an Accelerator Office in Gainesville for students attending the University of Florida. 

How to Get Involved with ETM’s Accelerator Program

If you are currently attending the University of Florida and interested in applying for the ETM Accelerator Program, please email [email protected].   

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