In the News | New FIS Office Building Designed for Today’s Work Patterns

Article by: Dan Macdonald | Jax Daily Record | To view the full article, click HERE.

ETM was honored to be the Civil Engineer on this FIS project.

The new FIS corporate headquarters at 347 Riverside Ave. could be called Jacksonville’s newest office building. 

But walking through the 12-story complex, one factor is most noticeable – there is an intentional lack of offices.

The Fortune 500 company’s Jacksonville-based team members work in booths, on couches, at workstations, at high-top tables and in private meeting rooms.

FIS is 75% toward its goal of employing 1,800 at its headquarters, said CEO Gary Norcross.

During a tour after the Oct. 12 ribbon-cutting, employees were found in a variety of work clusters. The building is designed for collaboration and teamwork. 

Privacy for a video conference call can be found in one of the many booths throughout the building.

The 378,000-square-foot structure has its own parking garage for company use during business hours but will be open and free to the public to use at night, weekends and on holidays. It will provide parking for the Riverside Arts Market and other shopping and dining in the area.

Private events will be held in the Innovation Center on the first floor. 

Visitors will be greeted with what FIS believes to be the city’s largest indoor video wall. It is the largest of many video platforms mounted throughout the building. 

The space is versatile to be configured for different size functions.

The FIS gym has several aerobic machines that provide a river view while working out. The gym is operated by the Winston YMCA and FIS employees have a free individual membership to those facilities as well.

Employees enter the building through the second floor past a security desk and access the building using a company ID, the app or by a biometric swipe of the palm. Immediately they are greeted by a large plasma screen that will announce that day’s activities.

The gym area next to the employee entrance is about 10,000 square feet with dedicated spin class and yoga rooms, locker rooms, weight machines as well as aerobic equipment with a St. Johns River view.

The gymnasium is free to employees Monday through Friday. When it is closed at night or on weekends, employees will have free access to the adjacent Winston Family YMCA, which is operating the FIS gym

The 50,000-square-foot cafeteria and dining area is on the third floor. Besides offering employees breakfast and lunch, the large kitchen is equipped to handle any catering job within the building for FIS or a private function that may be held there.

The cafeteria is also designed to be a workspace for groups to discuss a project over lunch. 

The terrace outside of the cafeteria has a view of three of the city’s bridges.

It leads to an expansive terrace with river views of the neighboring office towers and three of the city’s bridges. 

The lower three floors, which are in the building’s podium, are about 50,000 square feet each.

The fourth through 12th floors are about 25,000 square feet each for the workforce.

Executive offices are on the 11th and 12th floors.

The workspace floors have their break areas with an automated coffeemaker and a large side-by-side door refrigerator.

There are several large dedicated work island centers called “neighborhoods” on these floors. 

About 70 percent of the work area is assigned to employees, while the rest is available to be“reserved” through an app for those employees from out of town needing a workspace.

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