Professional Engineers Day 2021

Ever since the first professional engineering license was issued in August of 1907, licensure has rapidly expanded and professional engineers throughout the US have committed to improving their communities.

Our firm is thrilled to recognize the professional engineers who are a part of our ever-growing team. Spread amongst our land development, transportation, CEI, and program management departments, these impressive individuals are creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

We recently talked with a few of these individuals about why they chose a career in engineering and what it means to them…

Chase Wilkinson

Chase, Project Engineer
“Growing up in a city with two major interstates, I-95 and I-10, I was fascinated by the fact that these two roadways traversed and connected the country from coast to coast and from southernmost to northernmost. And I love that as engineers, what we do changes the face of the earth and showcases human ingenuity. The world’s greatest wonders are engineering feats. I look forward to designing innovative concepts into our roadways, such as self-maintaining bioswales full of plant life to intersection configurations that reduce time spent at red lights.”

Brad Weeber

Brad, Vice President
“I became an engineer because I appreciate that this career is all about problem solving. Engineering means bringing technical skills and knowledge together in a way that shapes our environment and touches the quality and safety of people’s everyday lives.”

Adriann LeBlanc

Adriann, Traffic Engineer
“Engineering provides an opportunity to solve the problems in the world. For traffic engineering, it can vary from decreasing roadway congestion to decreasing fatalities. I hope to see a decrease in severe and fatal crashes in my career and know that my work helped contribute to making our roadways a safer place. It is so satisfying to see your thoughts and ideas come to life and make a difference for the people around you.”

Kent Ponder

Kent, Senior Project Engineer
“Working in the construction industry allows me to work inside or outside on any given day. And as a Professional Engineer, the variety of the projects ensures no day will be the same. Any time my family and I travel over a road or bridge that I had a part of creating, I know I made the right career choice.”

Lyndsay Keller

Lyndsay, Senior Project Engineer
“The best thing about the engineering profession is driving around town and seeing the positive impact we have had on the community.  It is awesome seeing something you have worked on in the office for years become a place that people can live, work, and play. I look forward to mentoring younger engineers, growing professionally, and learning daily.”

George Katsaras

George, Vice President
“I became an engineer because I have always liked math, science and physics and wanted to pursue a career that applied those subjects in the real world. The best thing about the profession is seeing a project you designed get built and then seeing it work exactly how you planned.”

Joanne Snelson

JoAnne, Project Manager
“Engineering to me is the means by which you find the solution when given a problem or a series of problems. And the best thing about the profession is that I can spend my day with people as nerdy and as OCD as I am!”

Alexa Graf

Alexa, Project Engineer
“During school, science and math were interesting and easy to me, so I directed myself to the engineering field. I enjoy working on challenging projects that help me grow my confidence as an individual. I am always learning something new which is very fulfilling. I also get to collaborate with professionals from other disciplines and be part of a great team.”

Richie Westheimer

Richie, Project Engineer
“I enjoy being a professional engineer because I can contribute to someone’s life in a positive way — whether they know it or not. And there is never a dull moment! There are so many different aspects to every project, between all the design of a road, drainage, utilities, pavement markings, traffic control, etc. And every project has its different challenges and problems to solve. I look forward to continuing to work on a bunch of challenging projects, all while meeting and working with awesome people along the way.”

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