National Mentoring Month | ETM’s Young Professionals Group Gives Participants a Chance to Flourish

Although new to the industry, the energy young employees bring to our company is unmatched. Their dedication, drive, and willingness to learn is evident the day they walk through our doors. To help these team members develop leadership skills and expand their professional network, we established the ETM Young Professionals Group.  

In just a brief period, participants gain years’ worth of experience through unique interactions with seasoned professionals across all of ETM’s service lines. Recently, the Young Professionals Group has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and Feeding Northeast Florida and participated in various social and sporting events. Prior educational sessions have featured topics on Real Estate Finance, Land Entitlements, Effective Communication, Management and more.

Since the formation of our Young Professionals Group in 2015, we have seen participants flourish at an astonishing pace. We are proud to support our team members’ careers and provide opportunities for growth.

About ETM

ETM is a Florida-based planning and civil engineering firm that has grown over the last 40+ years to keep pace with the demanding professional services needs throughout the central and northeast Florida markets. ETM is an infrastructure and development management consultant with capabilities for total program management, planning, site design, landscape architecture, traffic and transportation design, geospatial technology, survey, and CEI services.   

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